Rogue Builds A 254lb. Rigoulot Bar, Then This Guy Tries To Snatch It With One Arm

85 years ago, French weightlifter Charles Rigoulot set a world record for a one-handed snatch at 253lb. In the recent 2015 Arnold Classic, Rogue recreated the massive barbell named after him – the Rigoulot Bar – and had Mish Kokylaev attempt to break the record with a 254lb one-arm snatch of his own.

Watch the video below and be blown away by such an amazing feat of strength.

Watch How A 14-Year-Old Kid Broke The American Clean-And-Jerk Record Last Year

At just 11 years old, he was clean-and-jerking 198lb. Three years later, he’d clean-and-jerk 337lb., setting a new US weightlifting record.

At the USA Weightlifting Senior National Championships last year, child prodigy C.J. Cummings broke the previous American clean-and-jerk record of 292lb. set in 2002 by LeGrand Sakamaki, who was 25 years old at the time.

With this young star still growing, the US hopes to finally win a men’s Olympic gold medal in weightlifting after 32 years.

Let’s All Get Pumped Up With This Inspiring Video By Jason Khalipa


Jason Khalipa is a pretty hard working guy. He’s a CrossFit Games champion who’s been competing for seven straight years. He’s also a family man who runs a multi-million dollar business in Norcal CrossFit. So when he gives a pep talk on hard work and achieving your goals, suffice to say he’s the right man for the job.

Watch the video below by Progenex, and be ready to get pumped up!

Via: Progenex

Watch Chris Spealler Beat Rich Froning After They Did 30 Muscle-Ups For Time


A few days ago, Dave Castro held a TDC Challenge, inviting athletes to do 30 strict muscle-ups for time. The competitor with the best time wins a Castro barbell from Rogue.

Fastest time for 30 strict muscle ups for time in the next 24 hours wins a Castro Barbell from @Roguefitness @RichFroning 4:58 @JamesHobart 8:08 See for complete video @CrossFit #CrossFit #CrossFitSeminarStaff #TDCChallenge

Un vídeo publicado por @thedavecastro el

If you’re thinking of joining, don’t bother. Rich Froning and James Hobbart already did the challenge, finishing it in 4:58 and 8:08, respectively.

But if you thought Froning already had this won (as usual), 35-year-old CrossFit legend Chris Spealler sent in his entry a day later. It showed him completing the challenge in just 3:57.

Amazing how these guys could do 30 strict muscle-ups in that short amount of time. We’d love to do just even 1 strict muscle-up in under 3:57! Also, pardon the vertical videos. We’re hoping these athletes will soon have video-taking skills as great as their muscle-ups.

Image credit: Carrots N Cake

We’re All Envious Of Noah Olsen’s 28 Unbroken Muscle-Ups


Muscle-ups, they’re really hard to do. Not unless your name starts with “Noah” and end with “Olsen.” In the video below, 2014 Games rookie and eighth-place finisher Noah Olsen strings together 28 muscle-ups with ease at Peak 360 CrossFit in Miami.

With Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa promising to give chance to others retire from individual competition in 2015, Olsen seems primed to rise up the ranks and maybe even finish top three.

Wow: Brooke Ence Finishes “Heavy Fran+” In 8:37


Imagine yourself doing Fran. Hard? Definitely. Now imagine yourself doing another round of Fran seconds just after you finished Fran. Puking yet? Most definitely.

That’s exactly what 2014 NorCal Regionals competitor Brooke Ence did (not the puking part) in this video. Here’s what Heavy Fran+ looks like.

With a running clock, do Fran:

Thrusters (95/65#)

At 4:00, begin a variation of Fran:

Thrusters (115/85#)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

How did Ence fare? She finished the first round of Fran in just 3:14, then took a short breather before doing the second set. As if Fran wasn’t enough torture, she takes a mighty blow to the chin while doing pull-ups (see 8:33 of the video). And yet, she still manages to finish in 8:37.

What a warrior! Not to mention, what a hottie! We’re looking forward to seeing more of Brooke Ence in the future, minus the lump on the chin.

Beat This: An Unbelievable 64-Inch Box Jump


And they said white men can’t jump. Coach Kevin of Cream City CrossFit will make your jaws drop as he performs a standing box jump of 64”. Take note of how high the stacked plates are, they’re almost as tall as Coach Kevin!

The current Guinness World Record for Highest Standing Jump is 58.27” by Denmark-based Jonas Huusom, set in August 2011. So this successful 64” attempt may actually be the new (unofficial) highest standing jump in the world!