The 2014 CrossFit Games Behind The Scenes: Parts 1-5


We’ve seen our favorite athletes toil under the bright lights of competition. Now HQ is giving us a sneak peek at what the competitors and staff do as each event unfolds. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Part 1: The Beach and Overhead Squat

Part 2: Triple 3 and the Sprint Sled events

Part 3: 21-15-9 Complex and Muscle-Up Biathlon

Part 4: Sprint Carry, Clean Speed Ladder, Push Pull

Part 5: Midline March, Thick n Quick, Double Grace

Rich Froning’s Reebok CrossFit Compete Shoe Is Now Available For Pre-Order


The 4x CrossFit Games champion’s own shoe line is here, and not everyone’s too excited about it.

Reebok’s CrossFit Compete, which hopes to give Nike’s MetCon 1 line a run for its money, is out now for pre-order. There’s one catch though: it’s priced at $194.95, a significant difference from MetCon’s $119.95 price tag. On Reddit, people have already expressed dismay at the hefty price the Compete carries. After all, why buy something at nearly $195 when you can have kicks from Nike at a much cheaper price?

The company, however, justifies its $195 shoe with excellent performance, stating: “…the Compete features an all new Compete Last with removal of the sockliner, creating a next-to-skin feel and response that’s beyond compare. You’ll get unparalleled protection from the new, innovative 360º CombatCage Kevlar protection tech, as well as the Duragrip toe for abrasion.”

What do you think? Will you be pre-ordering the Compete or will you be waiting for new stocks of the MetCon?



Sam Briggs Is Taking Her Talents To The South East Region

Sam Briggs, Europe Regional, Event 6

2013 CrossFit Games champion, Samantha Briggs, will no longer be competing in the Europe Region when the Open starts next week. Instead, she will be a competitor in the South East Region.

Briggs famously failed to qualify for the 2014 CrossFit Games after winning it all the previous year. At the European Regionals, she only placed 4th, finishing behind Annie Thorisdottir, Bjork Odinsdottir, and Kristin Holte.

She plans to seek redemption this year but her move to a new region does not make things easier. With the new format, the South East Region will combine with the Mid Atlantic, forming the Atlantic Regional. Briggs will have to contend with an Atlantic Regional that’s chock-full of talent.

According to Box Life, “Since 2011, six athletes from these two regions have finished in the top 10 at the Games at least once. Last year, three women – Emily Bridgers, Lauren Brooks and Cassidy Lance – all finished in the top 10, and in 2015 they will all be competing at the Atlantic Regional alongside Briggs.”

Other noteworthy competitors include Talayna Fortunato (3rd in 2012), Christy Adkins (7th in 2013), and Anna Tunnicliffe (9th in 2013.) Only five women will qualify for the Games, and Briggs will have to bring out her 2013 form to pull out a victory. Of course, these athletes would also have to contend with one of the toughest out there: Sam Briggs herself.

Also moving to the South East Region is CrossFit’s greatest head of hair, Garrett Fisher. He transferred to Miami recently to focus on training rapper Rick Ross.

Via: Box Life

Everything You Need To Know About The 2015 Open Announcements


In less than two weeks, Dave Castro will begin announcing the workouts for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open from different affiliates around the US. After each announcement, different Games competitors will battle it out to set the times to beat.

15.1 | February 26 | Froning vs. Fraser | Reebok CrossFit ONE  | Canton, Massachusetts

A must-see event, this match up pits the 4-time reigning Games champion against the guy poised to take his place this year.


15.2 | March 5 | Letendre vs. Bridgers | CrossFit Jääkarhu | Austin, Texas

First things first: it’s pronounced as CrossFit Ya-Car-Who.

In this workout, we get to see the fourth- and sixth-ranked women of the 2014 Games, Michele Letendre and Emily Bridgers, go head-to-head.


15.3 | March 12 | Foucher vs. Brooks |  CrossFit Chicago | Chicago, Illinois

The second highest ranked rookie and seventh-place finisher at the 2014 Games, Lauren Brooks, will go against four-time top-five placer, Julie Foucher.

Take note: this will be Foucher’s final Open as she’s set to focus on her career as a doctor very soon.


15.4 | March 19 | Bridges vs. Panchik | CrossFit X-Factor | Portland, Oregon

Bridges and Panchik, two guys who have been trading places at the 4th spot over the last two years – with the former edging out the latter by just 4 points last year. They’ll go at it again at the Open to see who’s getting the better of who this time around.


15.5 | March 26 | Leblanc-Bazinet vs. Briggs vs. Thorisdottir | CrossFit Max Effort | Las Vegas, Nevada

And finally, the main event: Thorisdottir, Briggs, Leblanc-Bazinet. The last three women to win the CrossFit Games. Need I say more?


Watch the livestream of the Open Announcements on The stream will begin at 5 p.m. PT each Thursday night of the Open, starting Feb. 26.


Guy Gives An Honest Shoe Review On Why He Hates The Nike Metcon 1


Everyone’s in love with Nike’s fresh new pair of kicks – except maybe this one guy. Coach Aaron Martin of CrossFit Vector in Nashville, Tennessee gave an honest review of why he hates the Nike Metcon 1 so much. After reading it, you’ll start hating it too!

As shoes go, any new product come to market is going to be surrounded by hype. Nike is a master of hype. Don’t believe me? Try buying a new release of Jordan’s or – the new Metcon 1′s. Sold Out. I was lucky enough to snag a pair on the January 31st release date and recently received them.

First impressions: Out of the box, they sure smell new. They look nice in both the Orange/Black- Dove Grey and the Dark Grey/ White-Volt-Black. I was pleasantly greeted with a true to size shoe in 10.5. Immediately as I laced them up, I liked the way the Metcons snugged tight to my foot with a suggestively comfortable insole, yet stable.

First Metcon: True to the name, they proved worthy of a long Every Minute On The Minute style WOD with repeats of couplets involving Snatches/Burpees, Thrusters/Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Power Clean and Jerk/Toes to Bar, Double Unders, and Wallball/Box Jump/Muscle-ups. While the weight I used wasn’t a large portion of my 1 rep max in these barbell movements, the shoes never left me wanting for a more stable surface. Same with Burpees, Double Unders, Wall Balls, and Box Jumps. I was sold. Total time ~ 30 MINUTES.

Second Metcon: I then worked up to a 3 rep max Thruster taken from the floor with a Clean. I worked up to 3 at 225lbs. I attempted 245lbs, and I assure you, it was not the shoes that held me back. Pesky lockout.

Third Metcon: I dropped the weight back down to 205lbs, a significant weight for Thrusters in the middle of a particularly spicy Metcon. Every 2:00 for 10:00 I rowed 20 calories on a Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower, then proceeded to take the 205lbs barbell from the floor for 3 quick and heavy Thrusters. This workout was designed by Derek Robinson, check out his blog for terrific programming and ideas. I went through the workout rather uneventfully, had a great time with friends and high fives were had all around.

Post WOD: I inspected the shoes carefully for wear and tear and found nothing. Not a smudge from burpees, or the back of the heel from the rower, nothing. Good as new.

So why do I hate the Nike Metcon 1?

I now have no use for the 11 pairs of assorted Reebok Nanos in my closet.

12 Workouts To Avoid If You’re Single And Lonely On Valentine’s Day


Did anyone say partner WOD?

1. Wheelbarrow pushups

A painful reminder about the good times when you still had someone letting you stand in-between their legs as they go up and down for as many reps as possible.

2. Lunge to chest pass, sit-ups pass, over unders

These movements require some sort of passing a medicine ball between you and your partner. On Single Awareness Day, there will be no handling/holding/touching of balls whatsoever for you. So don’t even think about doing these workouts alone, lest you like working up a sweat with balls by yourself.

3. Pushup high five

Sad to say that there will be no one to return that affectionate, loving high five of yours on the 14th. It will be left hanging – cold, alone, forever waiting for the other half to reciprocate and make it complete.

4. Bodyweight partner press

If you can’t press a human being to begin with, you’re in luck! Now you won’t even have to look for a partner anymore. *sobs*

5. Muscle Ups

All these rings, and you still couldn’t put a ring on it.

6. Fireman’s carry

When was the last time you let someone carry you? Today you’re only be carrying cold, lifeless, indifferent sandbags.

7. Flag with partner in pike

This complex and difficult movement requires two things: intense upper body strength and a partner. Unfortunately, you have neither.

8. Couple pullups

You won’t be taking Instagram-worthy videos of your couple pull-ups today. Reason being (see Flag with partner pike.)

9. Elevated pushups

The only 69 you’ll be having on the cheesiest day of the year.

10. Foam roller

The only thing willing to give you a good back massage the entire day.

11. Partner deadlifts

A deadlift done side by side with a partner. You can ask a friend to help you do the workout. That’s cool. But you’ll slowly realize that this is the only time someone else will be willing to hold your rod for you.

13. Basically any weightlifting technique

All this chalk on your hands, and you still let her slip away.

Mat Fraser Just Teased Us About An Already Upcoming Nike Metcon 2


While we’re all busy scrambling to get a fresh pair of Nike Metcon 1s, Mat Fraser has already moved on to the next big thing: The Metcon 2. If he’s to be believed, he’s already testing the successor the wildly popular – and wildy out of stock – trainers from Nike.

Oh Mat, you’re such a tease!

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For That Special CrossFitter In Your Life


Snatch his or her heart away with these alternative Valentine’s Day gifts for CrossFitters.

These matching CrossFit statement tank tops


You’d be a jerk not to get you and your bae one of these.

This Valentine’s card only a CrossFitter can relate to


Because women love men with humor. Hopefully, she finds CrossFit puns humorous.

Brand spankin’ new matching kicks


For you and your solemate.

An intimate dinner for two


Paleo, of course.

These gloves


To keep those hands worthy to hold

This heart rate monitor


Not as romantic as roses, but definitely more useful. It lasts longer too!

A Drake workout mixtape


Drake knows Valentine’s Day.

A pair of printed compression shorts


To keep her warm and ready, if you know what I mean.

These jump ropes


Because true, everlasting happiness comes in the form of unbroken double-unders

A hand spa treatment


Those abused palms need some lovin’ too!

This box of Quest Bars


Technically still a box of chocolates.

These CrossFit knee socks



Because fetish. Also because deadlifts.

These protein shakes for his and hers


Nothing says “I love you” like having protein farts together.

A box date


Experts believe that exercise is an effective aphrodisiac. After sweating it out at the box, you’ll be more than ready to sweat it out in bed! Get at it, love birds!

Singles Who Do Crossfit Have More Sex, Says Study

Intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

Now you haters know why we love CrossFit.

In a recent study by, singles who engage in CrossFit have more sex than those who do other forms of workout. The site’s annual Singles in America study examines “the ways in which adult singles of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions date and communicate in a tech-savvy world.” It adds that CrossFitters also go on more dates than others with different exercise regimens.

Dr. Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific advisor, explains having a high-intensity workout might be the root cause of this phenomenon: “Any kind of muscle-building exercises drive up the testosterone system in the brain. Testosterone is the hormone of sexual desire. It is the only true aphrodisiac.”

Here are the numbers behind the study:

  • 45 percent of singles who do CrossFit had sex at least once a month in 2014. That’s more frequent than singles who do yoga, Zumba, and running.
  • 55 percent of singles that went out on a first date last year reported CrossFit as their preferred workout routine.

But if you’re really not into drinking the CrossFit Kool-Aid, worry not. Dr. Fisher says that exercise of any kind leads to a better sex life as working up a sweat improves energy, optimism, and self-confidence. “It’s all a wonderful biological soup,” she said, “for heading to the bedroom.”

Via: Observer, Photo credit: Karma Jello