Jason Khalipa Jerked A 365lb PR, Then Did The Best Celebration Dance


Apparently, Jason Khalipa isn’t just a CrossFit legend and a successful entrepreneur, he’s also a budding dancer! Right after he set himself a new jerk PR of 365lb, he did a little dance to celebrate.

365lb jerk? Inspiring. Those slick dance moves? Spectacular! You da real MVP, Jason.

Guy Has 3 Broken Vertebrae After OC Throwdown’s Hurdle Event

By now you’ve probably heard of the infamous hurdle event at the recently-concluded 2015 OC Throwdown. If not, here’s a quick recap. Warning: your backs and butts might want to close their eyes – if they ever had eyes.


In the event, competitors were asked to leap over hurdles 50” and up, causing most of them to come crashing down on the floor. One guy suffered more than others. CrossFitter Blake Bastian (not the one in the photo above) had 3 broken vertebrae, and posted this x-ray photo on his Instagram page.


Last year, Kevin Ogar broke his back in the same competition. Hopefully these two incidents will serve OCT organizers – or any competition organizer for that matter – a lesson on safety and programming. As for athletes, learn how to pick your battles. Know your limits and know when to back down from a fight – it might just save your back.

Rich Froning Proves He’s An Even Bigger Badass On Twitter With Epic Tweet


Apply water to burned area. Lots of it. Apparently, Rich Froning’s Twitter game is as good as his winning-all-the-CrossFit-Games game.

A few days ago, Outside Magazine tweeted a photo of Froning, along with the caption: “There’s no better way to get in shape than to prepare for a triathlon (This guy’ll tell you).” Triathlons are nice and all, but Froning thought otherwise – and he even came back with the best tweet ever! Check it out:

Outside Magazine has since taken down the misleading tweet. Froning, on the other hand, has won again (as always). Never change, Rich Froning, never change.

Via: CrossFit on Instagram

Which US State Loves CrossFit The Most?


No it’s not California, the birthplace of CrossFit. Nor is it Michigan, home of CrossFit god, Rich Froning. It’s actually Colorado.

According to real estate site Estately, Colorado is the state that’s most enthusiastic about CrossFit. Hawaii and Texas, come in second and third place, respectively. The Dakotas, on the other hand, come dead last on the list (someone needs to drink more Kool-Aid). The rankings were based on three criteria:

  1. The number of CrossFit affiliates per capita.
  2. Percentage of Facebook users in each state expressing interest in CrossFit.
  3. The Google Trends score for each state measuring internet searches for “CrossFit”.



According to Estately, Colorado ranked second in residents per affiliate with one box per 28,325 people. It came in 5th when it comes to talking about CrossFit online. As for researching about it online, the state came in first with a score of 100.

The District of Columbia placed first in affiliates per resident, but Facebook users there are not too keen on posting about their WODs on social media. They obviously don’t know the first rule of CrossFit.

Nevada, meanwhile, ranked 12th most in online searches for CrossFit, but placed 40th for actual CrossFit affiliates. “The state is obviously interested in CrossFit, but just can’t seem to pull the trigger,” the website says. “Maybe it’s scared of injuries, or perhaps it’s just lazy?”

“The most obnoxious CrossFit participants are in Massachusetts a state that came in first for posting about it on Facebook, but is just 17th in terms of actual CrossFit affiliates per resident. That’s a lot of talk, but not much action.”

Photo credit: Trojan CrossFit

Kevin Ogar Walking Again Is The Most Inspiring Thing Ever


Now that’s what you call a PR! Kevin Ogar, who was left paralyzed after a freak accident just 10 months ago, is now walking again (with the help of crutches.)

This past weekend in Denver at the Rhinos and Unicorns fundraiser for Barbells for Boobs, Ogar surprised a crowd of almost 250 athletes by walking out and greeting them. Cue: applause and tears of joy all around.

In a separate Instagram post, he says that he’s still paralyzed but he’s made progress since the accident: “Before every[one] freaks out I’m using KFO braces, I’m still paralyzed, but able to get up and walk around a bit. #forgotwhattallfeelslike”

If that’s not enough good vibes for you, Ogar’s also learned how to twerk. You’re welcome!

Mike Rowe Refers To Burpees As “The Prison Workout”


Former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe recently did a Reddit AMA to promote his new CNN series, Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Redditors fielded various questions about blue collar work, simple living, and favorite dinosaurs (seriously.)

Of course, the one question that piqued our interest the most was when one redditor asked Rowe about his exercise routine. His answer was quite simple: Burpees.


Spot on, Mike, spot on. Also, I think we just found a new term to call Burpees.


Caine Eckstein Did 4,210 Pull-Ups In 12 Hours To Set Two New Guinness World Records


Now that’s what you call an AMRAP! Australian Ironman champion Caine Eckstein recently appeared on the Today Show in New York City to break the Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in 24 hours.

The challenge: beat the previous 24-hour record of 4,182. His score: 4,210 pull-ups in just 12 hours! It was enough to not only get him the record for most pull-ups in 24 hours, but also the previous 12-hour record of 4,020. That’s two records in one attempt!

By pacing himself throughout the 12-hour period, he was able to consistently do one set of six reps every minute for the first 10 hours, before settling on five reps per minute for the last 2 hours.

“I don’t know,” he said, when asked why he wanted to try the record. “I’m up for a challenge really. And I’ve always been sort of good and pull-ups, so why not try for a world record?”