Singles Who Do Crossfit Have More Sex, Says Study

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Now you haters know why we love CrossFit.

In a recent study by, singles who engage in CrossFit have more sex than those who do other forms of workout. The site’s annual Singles in America study examines “the ways in which adult singles of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions date and communicate in a tech-savvy world.” It adds that CrossFitters also go on more dates than others with different exercise regimens.

Dr. Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific advisor, explains having a high-intensity workout might be the root cause of this phenomenon: “Any kind of muscle-building exercises drive up the testosterone system in the brain. Testosterone is the hormone of sexual desire. It is the only true aphrodisiac.”

Here are the numbers behind the study:

  • 45 percent of singles who do CrossFit had sex at least once a month in 2014. That’s more frequent than singles who do yoga, Zumba, and running.
  • 55 percent of singles that went out on a first date last year reported CrossFit as their preferred workout routine.

But if you’re really not into drinking the CrossFit Kool-Aid, worry not. Dr. Fisher says that exercise of any kind leads to a better sex life as working up a sweat improves energy, optimism, and self-confidence. “It’s all a wonderful biological soup,” she said, “for heading to the bedroom.”

Via: Observer, Photo credit: Karma Jello

There’s No Such Thing As Detox, Says Doctors And Dietitians


Detox. It’s a word that being tossed around loosely nowadays, from home-made smoothies to juice cleansing businesses. It’s everywhere and everyone is getting in on the act – and we can’t blame them. Everyone just wants to rid themselves of bodily impurities and be fit as a fiddle.

But here’s the thing: It’s a scam.

According to Exeter University professor Edzard Ernst, unless you’re being treated for drug addiction, detox is nothing more than a marketing term used by entrepreneurs to move products. Your body already has the liver, kidneys, and skin to the detoxifying for you. And if your body had the amount of toxins these products say, you’d either be in the hospital or dead.

A lot of these products claim that they are the proverbial magic bullet against toxins. But truth is, no one even knows what these toxins are. In 2009, scientists scrutinized the detox industry by asking manufacturers of 15 products about the science behind the claims. Not one of them could give a sound answer, “let alone name the toxins,” says The Guardian.


Detoxing is not only a farce, but can be dangerous as well. Colonic irrigation, for example, involves doctors shooting a hose up your bum to drain you of poo that’s allegedly been lurking in your system for years. No doctor has actually seen one of these loitering pieces of shit. To add insult to injury, the procedure could even perforate your bowel.

So why do we still buy into this whole detox thing? Because it’s easy. Rather than settle for good ‘ol exercise and a healthy diet, we’d rather indulge in our vices – like smoking and excessive drinking – then turn to something that will make all the bad effects go away. We love to believe this is all real, and that the marketing people are telling us the truth, and so we buy into it.

“It’s a scandal,” says Ernst. “It’s criminal exploitation of the gullible man on the street and it sort of keys into something that we all would love to have – a simple remedy that frees us of our sins, so to speak. It’s nice to think that it could exist but unfortunately it doesn’t.”

Via: The Guardian
Photo Credit: Huffington Post

5 Greatest Isolation Workouts That Will Make You Stronger At Crossfit


I know, I know, isolation workouts are not functional, but hear me out first.

CrossFit has long distanced itself from globo gyms by excluding isolation workouts in their programming. The reason simply being, they are not functional, meaning they have no real life applications. For instance, you wouldn’t bicep curl a jar of pickles while trying to pry it open, nor would you bicep curl a bag of groceries (you use a deadlift for that).

But assistant coaches and twin brothers Derrick and Gian Mercado of CrossFit Insurrecto beg to differ. They head the box’s special strength class, where isolation workouts are the norm. For three classes a week, they help CrossFitters become better at CrossFit with the aid of bodybuilding techniques. For them, isolation workouts are functional.

“What is a muscle? It’s something that will get weaker when seldom used,” says Gian. “By isolating body parts and exposing them to heavier weights, you are ultimately improving the functionality of your entire body. If it helps you get stronger during WODs, then it is functional.”

Valid point. Bicep curls may not help you lift more grocery bags for dear ol’ mum, but if it helps you reach a new PR, why not? And hey, I really can’t argue against Jason Khalipa doing bicep curls in slippers.

So I asked the twins what their top 5 isolation workouts are for getting better at CrossFit, and they came up with the following:

Lying Tricep Extension

We usually do floor-to-overhead workouts in CrossFit. Any overhead movement, we use our triceps. By developing our triceps (read: gains!) our presses and jerks become stronger.

“For jerks, you use shoulders and triceps,” says Gian. “Isolate both muscle groups so they can get stronger when together.”

Bench Press

Two reasons why you should do bench presses:

1) Event 8 of the CrossFit Team Series

2) It develops your manly chest. But more importantly, it’s safer than a shoulder press because your back is resting, but still utilizes your shoulders and triceps. By exposing your shoulders to heavier loads, you get better at body weight movements (because now you’re used to lifting stuff heavier than you.) Think of those heavy bench press supersets while doing burpees and everything will seem so much easier.

Calf Raises

Two words: double-unders. Another two words: box jumps. Developing your calves gives you the power and longevity to maintain a high number of unbroken reps. Same goes for sprinting. When we run, we use our calf to activate the rest of our leg. Improving our calves will make you sprinter faster and for a longer period of time.

Hanging Leg Raises

“Most of the time, no one concentrates on lower abs, so it’s left behind,” says Gian. “Every muscle should be worked on and not be left behind. By improving your lower core, you’ll get faster at toes-to-bar and burpees.”

Bicep Curl

Of course bicep curls had to be on this list! In pull-ups you use biceps to pull and push away from the bar. In cleans, you use biceps – along with the shoulders – to lift the barbell. In legless rope climbs, you definitely use biceps.

Gian adds: “The bicep connects the hand to the shoulder, so training it not only gets you stronger but helps you avoid injuries as well.”

Photo credit: Orbit Nutrition

Woman Eats Dog Food As A Cheaper Alternative For The Paleo Diet


The paleo diet: good for our bodies, bad for our wallets. Following this protein-rich diet can be quite expensive, that’s why just recently, one woman tried an unconventional meaty alternative: dog food.

“… all that fresh meat and produce costs a fortune,” explains Anne Kadet, who ate six days’ worth of wet and dry dog food. “Plus, there’s a lot of cooking, and I have better things to do with my time — like reading dog food labels. And yes, I couldn’t help notice that my dog’s high-end kibble — like my paleo diet — is high in protein, grain-free and gluten-free. It’s made with ‘simple, holistic ingredients.’ It’s fortified with omega-3 and omega-6 and antioxidants. The best part? Canidae is an expensive dog food, but at 85 cents a meal, it’s a lot cheaper than eating paleo.” You know what, she has a point – albeit a disgusting one.

On Day One, she poured a cup of kibble for her border collie and one for herself. She describes her meal as “dry and gritty, it has a nutty, slightly sour taste, just like breakfast cereal.” For snacks, she ate Milk-Bones.

On Day Three, she ran into a bit of a problem. She noticed for the first time the warning on the label: “Not for human consumption.” She immediately calls up an NYU professor who knows a thing or two about human and pet nutrition. “Canned food is sterile,” said the professor. “The kibble is not, and there have been many instances of salmonella contamination.”


Despite the warning, Kadet continued her quest, even going to Petsmart to buy high-end wet and refrigerated dog foods. She was even lucky enough to avail of their Buy 10, Get 2 Cans Free promo. After six days of eating nothing but dog food, the results are in: She lost 2 pounds and her blood sugar level “dropped to the ultralow end of the ideal range.”

Kadet’s final verdict after this experiment? She says the cost of high-end dog food (read: tastier) dog food wasn’t as cost-effective as she had hoped for – it’s actually cheaper to buy chicken than to buy a can of Freshpet – so she’s going back to people food.

But if there came a time she would choose between dog food and Kraft dinner, she says she’d rather have kibble. “Surely, an all-in-one, high-end dog food is more nutritious than a diet of white flour and fat?”

12 Healthy Halloween Recipes We Know You’ll Love


For dieters, Halloween just became HalloWIN!

1. Blood and Bones


No, not really. It’s bone-shape meringues with deep red hot chocolate. Recipe here from Joy The Baker.

2. Bloody Eyeballs


Eyeballs are still considered Paleo, right? This one’s blueberry-stuffed longans in berry sauce. Recipe here from Nom Nom Paleo.
3. Frozen Boo-nana Pops


We never knew ghosts were packed with potassium! Recipe here from Skinny Taste.
4. Halloween Skull Platter


Kids, if you think a plate full of veggies is already terrifying, get a load of this. Recipe here from Mommy On The Money.
5. Homemade Gummy Worms


Eat dirt! Just kidding. Eat a plate full of homemade gummy worms, all squirming around in pumpkin swirl brownie crumbs. Recipe here from The Earth Mama.
6. Hotdog Mummies


Another one from Nom Nom Paleo. Hotdogs wrapped in sweet potato “bandages.” Recipe here.
7. Ghost Truffles


How can you even think of eating something as cute as these little guys? Recipe here from Living Healthy With Chocolate.
8. Pear Ghosts


I guess I could eat a pear of these ghastly things. Get it, get it? Recipe here from Tesco.
9. Chocolate Spider Web Cupcakes


Arachnopobes need not fear. Recipe here from Texanerin.
10. Strawberry Ghosts


Did I mention that ghosts can be really sweet? Recipe here from Miss Candiquik.
11. Pumpkin Vomiting Guacamole


These pumpkins, man. They just can’t control their liquor, or guacamole rather! Recipe here from My92.1.
12. Witch’s Brooms


Slices of cheese with pretzel sticks as the handles. Witty! Recipe here from Catman

Breakfast Of Champions: This Is What Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s Diet Looks Like


Sweet potatoes, papayas, blueberries, kale, spinach, organic meat, and avocados. These are the super-foods you should be stuffing your face with if you want to be like 2014 CrossFit Games champion, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

In an interview with Fitness Magazine, Leblanc-Bazinet revealed that her diet involves simple, protein-packed foods that efficiently fuel her body throughout her training days. “Our body is like a little machine and I want to know exactly how to fuel it,” she said. To start the day, she eats three eggs, kale, strawberries, and almond butter. As for lunch and dinner, she chooses from any of her super-foods with the occasional servings of salmon and banana. “I like making salad with kale, blueberry, and chicken with some avocado slices.”

She adds that shifting to a healthy diet overnight isn’t realistic, rather, you should make small changes in your meal plane each day. “I think what people need to understand is I didn’t start as the fittest woman on earth,” she said. “When I started CrossFit, I started like anyone else. I had to learn how to eat better and change my life habits. I think it’s really just taking one step at a time. So if it’s incorporating more greens into your meal, that’s one step. And then once that happens, you can go to the next one, but it’s a long process. If you can make one better decision every day, that’s already a winning situation.”

And her best advice? You can still have a cheat meal once a week! Hooray!

H/t Fitness Magazine

The One Thing You Can Do To Finally Become An Elite CrossFit Athlete: Train Your Brain


Ever wondered why that “other guy” at the box always beats your ass at every workout, despite both of you basically having the same body composition? The answer might not be in the amount of gains in your muscles, but rather, the amount of gains in your brain.

Learn To Focus

Gold medal caliber athletes have an insane amount of focus. They know how to be in the game. The crowd’s cheers and jeers don’t matter. The performances of their competitors don’t matter. The pressure of winning doesn’t matter. They are just here and now.

You might not notice it, but you might often find yourself losing focus during a workout. Whether it’s glancing at your competitors to see how they’re progressing, checking the clock to see if the WOD is almost done, or mentally checking out when you come across a movement you haven’t mastered. Stop worrying about all of these things that give you unnecessary pressure. Just be in the moment and enjoy the task at hand.

“The interesting thing is, the champion athletes, the top athletes, the gold medal athletes, the gold medal mindset, if you like, that type of athlete will not see pressure as a problem,” says sports psychologist Tom Bates in an interview with BBC. “They perceive it as a privilege.”

Use Your Imagination To Your Advantage

You’re doing a grueling workout, you’re out of breath, your body’s worn out, and you’re not even halfway done. What are the thoughts running through your head? Were you thinking about despair, hopelessness, fear, or all of the above? If you did, chances are you took a nice, long rest right after – while everyone else left you in the dust.

Elite athletes are often encouraged by their performance coaches to use positive self-talk and mental imagery to boost their game. They imagine themselves scoring that winning basket or landing that punch or nailing that muscle up. Remember in the Adam Sandler movie, Happy Gilmore, wherein his one-handed golf mentor would tell him to think happy thoughts? Yeah, exactly like that! More than just giving you a good feeling, it actually motivates you, giving you that second wind to push harder and finish strong.

So before a WOD, leave your negativity at the door and think of happy thoughts, like doing a perfect snatch, or finishing ahead of everyone, or breaking your PR. It’ll do wonders!

Routine Makes Perfect

Do you know why we do the burgerner warmup, like, ALL THE TIME? Well, one, proper form prevents injury. Two, repeating the individual phases of the clean over and over and over will make the movement second nature to you. So the next time you’re competing, you won’t even have to think before executing. Everything becomes muscle memory.

For the 1996 Olympics, eventual gold medalist Shannon Miller would practice six to eight hours a day, six days a week. “We did a lot of repetitions. It was important to help perfect your routines, of course. But it also helped with the mental game,” she says. “With that much practice, you knew when you got into a competition situation, and you were a little bit nervous, you wouldn’t blank. You could count on your muscle memory taking over simply because you had done the routine so many times.”

According to Scott Grafton, a researcher at the University of California, practice rewires our brain network to make muscle movements more automatic, helping you focus and not overthink things. “If you think about how fast things are going when you make a golf swing, or hit a baseball, or do some gymnastics, you just can’t think and expect to not interfere with your body. As soon as you think about it, and try to make adjustments on the fly, you’ll see your performance degenerate.”

Eliminate Doubt

The smallest seed of doubt you plant in your head could reap a catastrophic outcome in your performance. Try to remember the last time you did a benchmark WOD. Right before the workout, what was your reaction? Were you groaning and complaining with your bros about how painful it’s going to get? Were you thinking about sandbagging it? Did you compare yourself to that “other guy” and thought he was going to beat you again? If you did any one of those things, always remember: thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to actions. If you don’t believe you can do it, you probably won’t.


Photo credit: Huffington Post

If You Haven’t Noticed, CrossFit Is Making You Better In Bed


It’s no coincidence that you’ve been experiencing PRs in your sex life ever since you started doing CrossFit. Here are the ways the Sport of Fitness is making you better in bed:

It boosts your confidence

Just look at the mirror and check out that sexy beast staring at you – Bam! – instant confidence. But scientifically speaking, regular exercise boosts the production of endorphins, which increases your happiness and self-esteem. It also helps improve blood circulation, which can immensely help prevent erectile dysfunction (saving you from a very embarrassing situation.)

It pumps up your sex drive

Weightlifting helps pump up (no pun intended) your testosterone levels, which in turn, helps fuel your sex drive. In a study conducted by Baylor University, participants exhibited higher testosterone levels 48 hours after lifting weights. So if you have a hot date this weekend, here’s to hoping you did some pretty nasty deadlifts and cleans a few days ago.

It helps you get more reps

According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, fat men last longer in bed than their thinner counter-parts. Findings show that men with higher BMIs last around 7.3 minutes, while slimmer men average only 1.8 minutes. Why? Obese men have higher levels of the female sex hormone, estradiol, which helps delay climax.

Does this mean you should quit CrossFit and order a pizza instead? Not necessarily. While healthier men may not have the biological advantage to last longer, they can make up for it through sheer cardio. That’s right, AMRAP your partner! Thanks to your newfound cardiovascular endurance, you can simply put in (again, no pun intended) as many reps as you can in the limited time you have! So while the other guy will be wheezing and catching his breath while giving out slow, weak-ass reps in 7.3 minutes, you’ll be beasting with a better performance, despite the time handicap.

It develops your assets.

One word: ASS. Everyone loves a tight Gluteus maximus, and who has the best booties in the world? The people who squat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I won’t cite a scientific study for you to know that, right? If your partner’s been grabbing your butt a lot lately, you can thank Mr. Back Squat and Mrs. Weighted Lunges in the morning.


It helps you hit that hard to reach place

There are plenty of reasons why we do mobility exercises. One is it helps you avoid injuries when trying out new positions. People who are not limber enough to perform daring, acrobatic positions run the risk of pulling a muscle – especially THAT muscle. Improving your mobility also helps you become more flexible (read: the ability to hit that hard to reach place *wink*)

It teaches you how to maximize your body’s abilities

Functional fitness helps us learn about our own body’s capacities and how to use them efficiently. Remember how our coaches always say that power comes from the legs? Our pre-CrossFit selves would have come into the bedroom with our hips doing all the work. Now we have those strong legs to assist with all those hip thrusts!

It removes the sexual sandbagger in you

One of the greatest things about CrossFit is the way it instills in its students a never-say-die attitude. That no matter the challenge, a Crossfitter always comes out on top – literally and metaphorically speaking. So whenever your partner is complaining about how poor your performance is, always remember: if you managed to smash Fran, you can definitely smash your partner.

“Paleo Diet” Has Officially Been Added To The Oxford Dictionaries


Paleo diet, YOLO, bro hug, amazeballs, douchebaggery, FML, and side boob. These are just some of the words the Oxford University Press officially recognized last week by adding them to its online catalog. Here’s the official description of our favorite dieting term:

“Paleo diet (n.): a diet based on the type of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans.”

Though many of these words are part of a growing batch of modern-day lingo, you have to admit, many of them are on their way out (shame on you if you still use YOLO at this day and age). But not Paleo. A quick look at Google Trends will show us that search interest for the words, Paleo, Paleo diet, and CrossFit, have risen rapidly over recent years and will continue its upward growth.

Here’s what the trends look like worldwide. Paleo is in blue, Paleo diet is in red, and CrossFitis in yellow. The dotted lines indicate the forecast for 2015.


Here’s a look at the US.


Here’s Canada.


Here’s Australia.


Here’s the Philippines.


And it’s not only search interest that’s growing, Paleo-themed restaurants are popping up everywhere. In 2012, husband and wife team Marie and James Hobbs opened up the Paleo Café in Cairns, Australia. Two years later, they’ve franchised 11 more branches throughout the country, with more branches to open up in New Zealand, USA, and Canada by 2015.

In San Diego, California, Paleo is hitting the streets via the Not So Fast! food truck. Owner Bob Montgomery lost a lot of weight using the caveman diet and wanted to share the lifestyle with others. “I wanted people to know that they could come to this truck and feel secure knowing that they were getting a clean meal,” Montgomery tells Discoversd. “It’s been really well-received by the paleo crowd and by CrossFit gyms, which are both big in San Diego.”

Fine dining restaurants are also getting in on the act. In Copenhagen, Palaeo restaurant serves what they call, “Primal Gastronomy.” A sample dish includes organic pulled pork with Paleo-coleslaw, cabbage & homemade parsley pesto wrapped in omelet of organic eggs. Delish!


While including Paleo diet in Oxford’s online dictionary doesn’t guarantee the concept or its restaurants will last generations and generations – after all, the Atkins Diet was a hit not too long ago, and you’ll hardly see anyone opening an Atkins-themed restaurant nowadays – this development marks the Paleo Diet as an important facet of modern living. It’s time has finally come, so to speak. Or at the very least, it’s as important to today’s generation as side boob.

h/t TIME

Photo credit: Palaeo

Vibram Barefoot Shoes Are A Hoax, Says Science And The Law


Are you one of those CrossFitters who love to train in those ridiculous-looking barefoot running shoes? You know, the ones with the toes. If you said yes, you might want to switch to Nanos instead.

Vibram, the company that produces FiveFingers shoes, just settled a class-action lawsuit worth $3.75 million. According to court filings, the company made misleading claims – read: false advertising – over the $100 barefoot running shoes’ health benefits, including:

1) Strengthen muscles in the feet and lower legs
2) Improve range of motion in the ankles, feet, and toes
3) Stimulate neural function important to balance and agility
4) Eliminate heel lift to align the spine and improve posture
5) Allow the foot and body to move naturally

In fact, science begs to differ. “Barefoot running has been touted as improving strength and balance, while promoting a more natural running style,” reads a statement from the American Podiatric Medicine Association. “However, risks of barefoot running include a lack of protection, which may lead to injuries such as puncture wounds, and increased stress on the lower extremities.”

In a 2011 study led by researchers at Birgham Young University, a group of experienced runners were divided into two groups: the control group, who wore traditional running shoes; and the Vibram group, who wore the controversial barefoot running shoes. After 10 weeks of running, MRI scores revealed that half of the Vibram group members developed an inflammation of their bone marrow, which could very well lead to a stress fracture.

So what do you do now with your brand spankin’ new pair of FiveFingers? You get a refund! Or a partial one, at least. Anyone who bought the shoes after March 2009 can submit valid claim forms to receive anywhere between $20 and $94 per pair.

As for Vibram, the settlement effectively prevents them from making any more false claims over their product. “Vibram will not make … any claims that FiveFingers footwear are effective in strengthening muscles or preventing injury unless that representation is true, non-misleading and is supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence,” the federal settlement says.