CrossFit Couple’s Engagement Photos Show That Fitness Can Be Romantic Too

He liked it, so he put a ring (dip) on it. Newly-engaged couple Iliana and Joe professed their love for each other and CrossFit by having their engagement photoshoot right at their box in Ocoee, Florida.Joe proposed to Iliana in November of last year and will tie the knot on the 30th of April. The bride-to-be joked before about a CrossFit-themed shoot, but didn’t think Joe would take it seriously.

crossfit 3 crossfit 2 crossfit 1

“I didn’t really think he was taking me seriously,” Iliana told The Huffington Post. “Then he asked our photographer about it and she sounded excited so he said we should try it out. I was all for it – to just do something that was a little more ‘us.’”

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You can check out the rest of the engagement photos here.

Via: The Huffington Post