Sam Briggs Is Taking Her Talents To The South East Region

Sam Briggs, Europe Regional, Event 6

2013 CrossFit Games champion, Samantha Briggs, will no longer be competing in the Europe Region when the Open starts next week. Instead, she will be a competitor in the South East Region.

Briggs famously failed to qualify for the 2014 CrossFit Games after winning it all the previous year. At the European Regionals, she only placed 4th, finishing behind Annie Thorisdottir, Bjork Odinsdottir, and Kristin Holte.

She plans to seek redemption this year but her move to a new region does not make things easier. With the new format, the South East Region will combine with the Mid Atlantic, forming the Atlantic Regional. Briggs will have to contend with an Atlantic Regional that’s chock-full of talent.

According to Box Life, “Since 2011, six athletes from these two regions have finished in the top 10 at the Games at least once. Last year, three women – Emily Bridgers, Lauren Brooks and Cassidy Lance – all finished in the top 10, and in 2015 they will all be competing at the Atlantic Regional alongside Briggs.”

Other noteworthy competitors include Talayna Fortunato (3rd in 2012), Christy Adkins (7th in 2013), and Anna Tunnicliffe (9th in 2013.) Only five women will qualify for the Games, and Briggs will have to bring out her 2013 form to pull out a victory. Of course, these athletes would also have to contend with one of the toughest out there: Sam Briggs herself.

Also moving to the South East Region is CrossFit’s greatest head of hair, Garrett Fisher. He transferred to Miami recently to focus on training rapper Rick Ross.

Via: Box Life