Everything You Need To Know About The 2015 Open Announcements


In less than two weeks, Dave Castro will begin announcing the workouts for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open from different affiliates around the US. After each announcement, different Games competitors will battle it out to set the times to beat.

15.1 | February 26 | Froning vs. Fraser | Reebok CrossFit ONE  | Canton, Massachusetts

A must-see event, this match up pits the 4-time reigning Games champion against the guy poised to take his place this year.


15.2 | March 5 | Letendre vs. Bridgers | CrossFit Jääkarhu | Austin, Texas

First things first: it’s pronounced as CrossFit Ya-Car-Who.

In this workout, we get to see the fourth- and sixth-ranked women of the 2014 Games, Michele Letendre and Emily Bridgers, go head-to-head.


15.3 | March 12 | Foucher vs. Brooks |  CrossFit Chicago | Chicago, Illinois

The second highest ranked rookie and seventh-place finisher at the 2014 Games, Lauren Brooks, will go against four-time top-five placer, Julie Foucher.

Take note: this will be Foucher’s final Open as she’s set to focus on her career as a doctor very soon.


15.4 | March 19 | Bridges vs. Panchik | CrossFit X-Factor | Portland, Oregon

Bridges and Panchik, two guys who have been trading places at the 4th spot over the last two years – with the former edging out the latter by just 4 points last year. They’ll go at it again at the Open to see who’s getting the better of who this time around.


15.5 | March 26 | Leblanc-Bazinet vs. Briggs vs. Thorisdottir | CrossFit Max Effort | Las Vegas, Nevada

And finally, the main event: Thorisdottir, Briggs, Leblanc-Bazinet. The last three women to win the CrossFit Games. Need I say more?


Watch the livestream of the Open Announcements on Games.CrossFit.com. The stream will begin at 5 p.m. PT each Thursday night of the Open, starting Feb. 26.

Via: games.crossfit.com