Guy Gives An Honest Shoe Review On Why He Hates The Nike Metcon 1


Everyone’s in love with Nike’s fresh new pair of kicks – except maybe this one guy. Coach Aaron Martin of CrossFit Vector in Nashville, Tennessee gave an honest review of why he hates the Nike Metcon 1 so much. After reading it, you’ll start hating it too!

As shoes go, any new product come to market is going to be surrounded by hype. Nike is a master of hype. Don’t believe me? Try buying a new release of Jordan’s or – the new Metcon 1′s. Sold Out. I was lucky enough to snag a pair on the January 31st release date and recently received them.

First impressions: Out of the box, they sure smell new. They look nice in both the Orange/Black- Dove Grey and the Dark Grey/ White-Volt-Black. I was pleasantly greeted with a true to size shoe in 10.5. Immediately as I laced them up, I liked the way the Metcons snugged tight to my foot with a suggestively comfortable insole, yet stable.

First Metcon: True to the name, they proved worthy of a long Every Minute On The Minute style WOD with repeats of couplets involving Snatches/Burpees, Thrusters/Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Power Clean and Jerk/Toes to Bar, Double Unders, and Wallball/Box Jump/Muscle-ups. While the weight I used wasn’t a large portion of my 1 rep max in these barbell movements, the shoes never left me wanting for a more stable surface. Same with Burpees, Double Unders, Wall Balls, and Box Jumps. I was sold. Total time ~ 30 MINUTES.

Second Metcon: I then worked up to a 3 rep max Thruster taken from the floor with a Clean. I worked up to 3 at 225lbs. I attempted 245lbs, and I assure you, it was not the shoes that held me back. Pesky lockout.

Third Metcon: I dropped the weight back down to 205lbs, a significant weight for Thrusters in the middle of a particularly spicy Metcon. Every 2:00 for 10:00 I rowed 20 calories on a Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower, then proceeded to take the 205lbs barbell from the floor for 3 quick and heavy Thrusters. This workout was designed by Derek Robinson, check out his blog for terrific programming and ideas. I went through the workout rather uneventfully, had a great time with friends and high fives were had all around.

Post WOD: I inspected the shoes carefully for wear and tear and found nothing. Not a smudge from burpees, or the back of the heel from the rower, nothing. Good as new.

So why do I hate the Nike Metcon 1?

I now have no use for the 11 pairs of assorted Reebok Nanos in my closet.