12 Workouts To Avoid If You’re Single And Lonely On Valentine’s Day


Did anyone say partner WOD?

1. Wheelbarrow pushups

A painful reminder about the good times when you still had someone letting you stand in-between their legs as they go up and down for as many reps as possible.

2. Lunge to chest pass, sit-ups pass, over unders

These movements require some sort of passing a medicine ball between you and your partner. On Single Awareness Day, there will be no handling/holding/touching of balls whatsoever for you. So don’t even think about doing these workouts alone, lest you like working up a sweat with balls by yourself.

3. Pushup high five

Sad to say that there will be no one to return that affectionate, loving high five of yours on the 14th. It will be left hanging – cold, alone, forever waiting for the other half to reciprocate and make it complete.

4. Bodyweight partner press

If you can’t press a human being to begin with, you’re in luck! Now you won’t even have to look for a partner anymore. *sobs*

5. Muscle Ups

All these rings, and you still couldn’t put a ring on it.

6. Fireman’s carry

When was the last time you let someone carry you? Today you’re only be carrying cold, lifeless, indifferent sandbags.

7. Flag with partner in pike

This complex and difficult movement requires two things: intense upper body strength and a partner. Unfortunately, you have neither.

8. Couple pullups

You won’t be taking Instagram-worthy videos of your couple pull-ups today. Reason being (see Flag with partner pike.)

9. Elevated pushups

The only 69 you’ll be having on the cheesiest day of the year.

10. Foam roller

The only thing willing to give you a good back massage the entire day.

11. Partner deadlifts

A deadlift done side by side with a partner. You can ask a friend to help you do the workout. That’s cool. But you’ll slowly realize that this is the only time someone else will be willing to hold your rod for you.

13. Basically any weightlifting technique

All this chalk on your hands, and you still let her slip away.