Singles Who Do Crossfit Have More Sex, Says Study

Intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

Now you haters know why we love CrossFit.

In a recent study by, singles who engage in CrossFit have more sex than those who do other forms of workout. The site’s annual Singles in America study examines “the ways in which adult singles of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions date and communicate in a tech-savvy world.” It adds that CrossFitters also go on more dates than others with different exercise regimens.

Dr. Helen Fisher,’s chief scientific advisor, explains having a high-intensity workout might be the root cause of this phenomenon: “Any kind of muscle-building exercises drive up the testosterone system in the brain. Testosterone is the hormone of sexual desire. It is the only true aphrodisiac.”

Here are the numbers behind the study:

  • 45 percent of singles who do CrossFit had sex at least once a month in 2014. That’s more frequent than singles who do yoga, Zumba, and running.
  • 55 percent of singles that went out on a first date last year reported CrossFit as their preferred workout routine.

But if you’re really not into drinking the CrossFit Kool-Aid, worry not. Dr. Fisher says that exercise of any kind leads to a better sex life as working up a sweat improves energy, optimism, and self-confidence. “It’s all a wonderful biological soup,” she said, “for heading to the bedroom.”

Via: Observer, Photo credit: Karma Jello