Watch Chris Spealler Beat Rich Froning After They Did 30 Muscle-Ups For Time


A few days ago, Dave Castro held a TDC Challenge, inviting athletes to do 30 strict muscle-ups for time. The competitor with the best time wins a Castro barbell from Rogue.

Fastest time for 30 strict muscle ups for time in the next 24 hours wins a Castro Barbell from @Roguefitness @RichFroning 4:58 @JamesHobart 8:08 See for complete video @CrossFit #CrossFit #CrossFitSeminarStaff #TDCChallenge

Un vídeo publicado por @thedavecastro el

If you’re thinking of joining, don’t bother. Rich Froning and James Hobbart already did the challenge, finishing it in 4:58 and 8:08, respectively.

But if you thought Froning already had this won (as usual), 35-year-old CrossFit legend Chris Spealler sent in his entry a day later. It showed him completing the challenge in just 3:57.

Amazing how these guys could do 30 strict muscle-ups in that short amount of time. We’d love to do just even 1 strict muscle-up in under 3:57! Also, pardon the vertical videos. We’re hoping these athletes will soon have video-taking skills as great as their muscle-ups.

Image credit: Carrots N Cake