Guy Has 3 Broken Vertebrae After OC Throwdown’s Hurdle Event

By now you’ve probably heard of the infamous hurdle event at the recently-concluded 2015 OC Throwdown. If not, here’s a quick recap. Warning: your backs and butts might want to close their eyes – if they ever had eyes.


In the event, competitors were asked to leap over hurdles 50” and up, causing most of them to come crashing down on the floor. One guy suffered more than others. CrossFitter Blake Bastian (not the one in the photo above) had 3 broken vertebrae, and posted this x-ray photo on his Instagram page.


Last year, Kevin Ogar broke his back in the same competition. Hopefully these two incidents will serve OCT organizers – or any competition organizer for that matter – a lesson on safety and programming. As for athletes, learn how to pick your battles. Know your limits and know when to back down from a fight – it might just save your back.