Do You Take Your Shirt Off During CrossFit? Here’s What Your Habit Says About You


Do you take your shirt off before, during, or after a WOD? You may not realize it, but your choice of when to go half-naked tells a lot about you.

You take your shirt off BEFORE a workout

Even before the timer signals the start of the WOD, you’re already undressed, ready to unleash the beast mode inside of you. You have a powerful personality with a competitive, goal-oriented, can-do attitude. Shirts hinder you from your main goal of achieving Rich Froning-like numbers, therefore, it must go.

You also love planning ahead, that’s why you already made concessions for the inevitable (which is taking your shirt off). Others might tell you you’re too eager, but you don’t give a damn, you’re just here for one thing and one thing only: finishing strong – which can only be done without a shirt.

Things you like: a cool, refreshing breeze sliding through your sweaty body; sweat silhouettes on the floor mat.

You take your shirt off DURING a workout

You’re that cross between an introvert and an extrovert. You’ll almost always start the workout with a shirt, but somehow end it topless. At first you’ll be shy to reveal the inner you (literally), but in the heat of the moment, you show everyone who you really are by taking it all off.

“Spontaneous” is a word that best describes you. You live in the moment. One moment you’re about to give up, the next you’re ripping your shirt and unleashing the beast. You’re also very visual. You like to imagine shirt removal as a ritual, sort of like how The Rock removes his elbow pad, bounces off the ropes, and flails his arms before delivering The People’s Elbow. It’s empowering. It’s electrifying. It’s you.

Things you like: drama, removing the weight of a sweat-soaked shirt.

You take your shirt off AFTER a workout

You are an enigma. You refuse to let anyone see the person behind that shell of a shirt. The only time you take your shirt is when you change in the dressing room. That’s completely ok. That just means you’re a conservative person who’s either still a wee bit insecure about his body, or who’s afraid he might hog all the attention once he reveals his fabulous physique.

You’re also very considerate because you know not everyone wants to see a half-naked dude. Being able to focus at the task at hand is one of your greatest traits. You know taking off a shirt – especially a tight one – wastes precious AMRAP seconds, so you concentrate all your attention on the WOD instead. You might rank low in showmanship, but at least you score high in the workouts.

Things you like: funny CrossFit shirts, the privacy of dressing rooms, lying down on the floor without your back getting filthy.