CrossFit Coach Recalls What It’s Like To Train WWE’s Seth Rollins And Luke Harper


WWE athletes risk life and limb, day in and day out, pushing their bodies to the limit, whether it’s performing acrobatic stunts off the top of a cage or pummeling themselves onto a makeshift table. Ever wondered how these guys trained to prepare for such a job?

CrossFit and Progenex BLK coach Mike Vac would know. He’s spent time training WWE superstars Luke Harper and Seth Rollins, with the latter already on his 5th month of programming. Vac recalls his experience on the Progenex website:

We kept his [Seth Rollins] warm up and skills consistent with what we had programmed for him. Some rowing and basic, full body exercises and he was warm. The skills section included handstand walking to a wall followed directly by handstand push ups. This is where the athleticism of Seth Rollins is displayed. Chest to bar pull ups and weighted GHD sit ups round out his skill work. We change his lifting session for the day to account for the stress already put on his body in hopes to keep him fresh for his event just hours away. We program a lifting complex: Power Snatch + Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat. The percentages are kept between 60% and 70% of his 1RM Snatch. Seth moves well. He is clearly a dedicated lifter who takes pride in his form and technique. From set-up, to speed, to foot-work, to his aggressiveness.

I decided to do the conditioning workout we programmed for Seth. Two AMRAP’s with a short rest in-between. The first included Power Cleans (135#), Burpee Box Jumps (24”), and a 200m Run. Seth went unbroken for 12 minutes. I tried to keep up, but he edged me out by a few reps. As impressive as he was during the first workout, it was the second AMRAP that really impressed me. A 10 minute AMRAP of Muscle Ups, Power Snatch (95#), and Toes To Bar. Seth went unbroken on this workout as well. His form from minute 1 was the same at minute 10. For someone who makes a living as a “fake wrestler”, he sure does have the strength, skill, and conditioning of a real athlete.



Amazing. Someone sign this guy up for the Games! You can read more of Coach Vac’s day with Seth Rollins over on the Progenex website.

Via: Progenex