5 Things In CrossFit You Should Be Excited About In 2015


In 2014, champions were crowned, PRs were broken, and limitations were overcome. What’s in store for us in 2015? Big things, that’s what.

1. A new CrossFit Games champion.

Since 2011, there’s been only one name atop the CrossFit Games podium: Rich Froning. But after last year’s edition, both Froning and Jason Khalipa announced they’d forego individual competition in favor of Team, leaving us without a defending champion. The question now is, “Who’s going to be crowned the new Fittest Man on Earth?”

Will it be tried-and-tested athletes like Scott Panchik, or Ben Smith? The former has placed top 5 in the last three years, while the latter garnered a bronze medal in 2013. Or will it be rookies Noah Ohlsen or Mathew Fraser? Both performed well in their first ever Games outing, with Fraser even finishing 1st runner-up. Who knows. From here, it’s an all-out brawl for the spot Froning left behind.

2. There’s going to be a cat fight in the women’s division

Plenty of questions arise when you think about this year’s women’s division. After taking a year off in 2013, Annie Thorisdottir and Julie Foucher proved that rust wasn’t a problem in last year’s Games, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Would one of these two consistent ladies be able to overcome defending champion Camille Leblanc-Bazinet?

Speaking of champion, 2013 winner Sam Briggs disappointed last year, failing to get past the Europe Regionals. But after seeing her recent performances, it looks like someone’s out for redemption. Would she be able to banish the ghosts of 2014, or is she doomed to repeat it? And what about other athletes like Lauren Fisher? She’s a year older and a lot stronger, would she be able to rise up the ranks and win that glorious title of Fittest Woman on Earth?


3. 2015 will be the beginning of the shoe wars

Reebok has dominated the CrossFit market for the last few years, almost making their brand synonymous with the Sport of Fitness. Now, a new competitor has arrived, and it’s set to give Reebok a run for its money. With the highly-anticipated and much-awaited Nike MetCon 1 set to be released in February, CrossFitters can expect more choices when it comes to footwear as both brands battle it out for market dominance.

4. Super Regionals, teenage division, and state and country champions

New year, new rules. Alongside the reorganization of the 17 regions, there will also be new additions, like a scaled division. This allows us mere mortals to compete according to our abilities, making the Open more inclusive and less brutal.

There will also be a Teenage Division for athletes ages 14 to 17. Teens will do a different version of the Open workout, after which winners will be crowned after the fifth and final week of competition. With the introduction of a Teenage Division, expect aspiring CrossFit stars to be honed and tested at such a young age, putting the future of the sport in good hands.

State and country championships will also be up for grabs. You might not be the fittest on Earth, but at least you can try to be the fittest in your state or country!


5. More PRs to be PR-ed and more skills to be unlocked

We’re excited about a lot of things in CrossFit, but nothing excites us more than knowing how much potential this new year holds for you. Expect new challenges to overcome, new records to be broken, and new skills to be unlocked. Perhaps this is the year you’ll finally learn how to do unbroken double-unders, or nail those elusive muscle-ups, or maybe even beat your own Fran record. The next 12 months hold so much potential, and it’s up to you to make them count!