What Some CrossFit Boxes Did To Rid Themselves Of Thanksgiving Calories

Roast Turkey on platter
Roast Turkey on platter

It’s already been a week since Thanksgiving, have you burned off all those excess calories yet? If not, we took the liberty of asking some affiliates and coaches what they did for a post-Thanksgiving workout. You might want to try one of these. Or not.

CrossFit H-Town



In teams of 4, complete the following:

200 Calorie Row
200 Box Jumps (20”)
200 KB Swings (53/35lb)
200 Wall Balls
200 Knees-To-Elbow
200 Mt. Climbers (L+R=1)
150 Double Unders (3:1 singles)
150 Lunges
150 Situps
150 Burpees

*Teams are comprised of 2 men, 2 women
**Pair A will start on Row, Pair B will start on Box Jumps. If Pair A finishes, they move to the swings and so on.

You can find out more about CrossFit H-Town over on their website or Facebook page.

Elliott Bay CrossFit


“I’d start with some work with either back or front squats for load. I think nothing revs up the metabolism like squats, as they get every muscle in the body working together and really fire up the core. I’d follow that up with a MetCon that includes front squats and some other movements that are quick hitting. Off the top of my head, I like a 15 min AMRAP of 10 Front Squats, 20 Box Jumps, and 30 Double Unders. I could also sub in wall balls or squat cleans for the front squats and mess with the rep scheme a bit.” – Coach Rohan Joseph

You can find out more about Elliott Bay CrossFit over on their website or Facebook page.

CrossFit Jolt


Rowin’ Burpin’ Karen

2k Row
150 Wall Balls
100 Burpees

*30 min cap

You can find out more about CrossFit Jolt over on their website or Facebook page.

CrossFit Arlington


“I would highly recommend sleeping more, eating real foods, and staying hydrated. Unfortunately, your hour in the gym won’t do much for your total caloric expenditure. In the gym, I would recommend a challenging strength portion like heavy squats or deadlifts because building lean muscle mass through multi-joint movements will help you burn calories at a better rate.  I would recommend a conditioning piece that doesn’t leave you sore for a week but rather something that lets you come back again regularly. Ultimately, the sleeping and eating you do outside the gym is more important than your hour in the gym.” – Coach Chris Malta

You can find out more about CrossFit Arlington over on their website or Facebook page.

AllSport CrossFit


Fried Turkey

The epicness of this WOD is incomprehensible. Just check out a photo of AllSport CrossFit’s whiteboard above to get an idea of what they did (you can see a bigger image here). We can’t even imagine how long this workout took!

You can find out more about AllSport CrossFit over on their website or Facebook page.


What did your box do for a post-Thanksgiving WOD? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Huffington Post