Which US State Loves CrossFit The Most?


No it’s not California, the birthplace of CrossFit. Nor is it Michigan, home of CrossFit god, Rich Froning. It’s actually Colorado.

According to real estate site Estately, Colorado is the state that’s most enthusiastic about CrossFit. Hawaii and Texas, come in second and third place, respectively. The Dakotas, on the other hand, come dead last on the list (someone needs to drink more Kool-Aid). The rankings were based on three criteria:

  1. The number of CrossFit affiliates per capita.
  2. Percentage of Facebook users in each state expressing interest in CrossFit.
  3. The Google Trends score for each state measuring internet searches for “CrossFit”.



According to Estately, Colorado ranked second in residents per affiliate with one box per 28,325 people. It came in 5th when it comes to talking about CrossFit online. As for researching about it online, the state came in first with a score of 100.

The District of Columbia placed first in affiliates per resident, but Facebook users there are not too keen on posting about their WODs on social media. They obviously don’t know the first rule of CrossFit.

Nevada, meanwhile, ranked 12th most in online searches for CrossFit, but placed 40th for actual CrossFit affiliates. “The state is obviously interested in CrossFit, but just can’t seem to pull the trigger,” the website says. “Maybe it’s scared of injuries, or perhaps it’s just lazy?”

“The most obnoxious CrossFit participants are in Massachusetts a state that came in first for posting about it on Facebook, but is just 17th in terms of actual CrossFit affiliates per resident. That’s a lot of talk, but not much action.”

Photo credit: Trojan CrossFit