Wow: Brooke Ence Finishes “Heavy Fran+” In 8:37


Imagine yourself doing Fran. Hard? Definitely. Now imagine yourself doing another round of Fran seconds just after you finished Fran. Puking yet? Most definitely.

That’s exactly what 2014 NorCal Regionals competitor Brooke Ence did (not the puking part) in this video. Here’s what Heavy Fran+ looks like.

With a running clock, do Fran:

Thrusters (95/65#)

At 4:00, begin a variation of Fran:

Thrusters (115/85#)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

How did Ence fare? She finished the first round of Fran in just 3:14, then took a short breather before doing the second set. As if Fran wasn’t enough torture, she takes a mighty blow to the chin while doing pull-ups (see 8:33 of the video). And yet, she still manages to finish in 8:37.

What a warrior! Not to mention, what a hottie! We’re looking forward to seeing more of Brooke Ence in the future, minus the lump on the chin.