Kevin Ogar Walking Again Is The Most Inspiring Thing Ever


Now that’s what you call a PR! Kevin Ogar, who was left paralyzed after a freak accident just 10 months ago, is now walking again (with the help of crutches.)

This past weekend in Denver at the Rhinos and Unicorns fundraiser for Barbells for Boobs, Ogar surprised a crowd of almost 250 athletes by walking out and greeting them. Cue: applause and tears of joy all around.

In a separate Instagram post, he says that he’s still paralyzed but he’s made progress since the accident: “Before every[one] freaks out I’m using KFO braces, I’m still paralyzed, but able to get up and walk around a bit. #forgotwhattallfeelslike”

If that’s not enough good vibes for you, Ogar’s also learned how to twerk. You’re welcome!