12 Healthy Halloween Recipes We Know You’ll Love


For dieters, Halloween just became HalloWIN!

1. Blood and Bones


No, not really. It’s bone-shape meringues with deep red hot chocolate. Recipe here from Joy The Baker.

2. Bloody Eyeballs


Eyeballs are still considered Paleo, right? This one’s blueberry-stuffed longans in berry sauce. Recipe here from Nom Nom Paleo.
3. Frozen Boo-nana Pops


We never knew ghosts were packed with potassium! Recipe here from Skinny Taste.
4. Halloween Skull Platter


Kids, if you think a plate full of veggies is already terrifying, get a load of this. Recipe here from Mommy On The Money.
5. Homemade Gummy Worms


Eat dirt! Just kidding. Eat a plate full of homemade gummy worms, all squirming around in pumpkin swirl brownie crumbs. Recipe here from The Earth Mama.
6. Hotdog Mummies


Another one from Nom Nom Paleo. Hotdogs wrapped in sweet potato “bandages.” Recipe here.
7. Ghost Truffles


How can you even think of eating something as cute as these little guys? Recipe here from Living Healthy With Chocolate.
8. Pear Ghosts


I guess I could eat a pear of these ghastly things. Get it, get it? Recipe here from Tesco.
9. Chocolate Spider Web Cupcakes


Arachnopobes need not fear. Recipe here from Texanerin.
10. Strawberry Ghosts


Did I mention that ghosts can be really sweet? Recipe here from Miss Candiquik.
11. Pumpkin Vomiting Guacamole


These pumpkins, man. They just can’t control their liquor, or guacamole rather! Recipe here from My92.1.
12. Witch’s Brooms


Slices of cheese with pretzel sticks as the handles. Witty! Recipe here from Catman