Product Review: The RPM Speed Rope 2.0 Is A Gamechanger


This is it. The silver bullet to your double-under problems. Like me, you’ve probably had your fair share of frustration with those elusive unbroken double-unders. You’ve probably spent months – heck, maybe even years – trying to master the art form, but met with relative success.

Here’s where the RPM Speed Rope 2.0 comes in. Created by RPM Fitness, it’s a piece of equipment that’s designed to do all the work for you. One of my coaches fondly calls it the “cheat rope.”


At first glance, I immediately knew this was something special. The handles are made from knurled aluminum and look far more elegant than its plastic counterparts. Holding it for the first time felt even better. The handles have grips that are comfy and doesn’t slide off when your hands are drenched in sweat.

The rope is attached to the handles through the side, rather than the top. Like the RX jump ropes, RPM’s cable is attached to a multidirectional swivel axis bearing system, which gives it a nearly frictionless rotation.


The first time I tried it, I immediately understood why my coach called it the “cheat rope.” It would be nearly impossible to not even catch one double-under rep with this rope. The secret lies not in your form or technique, but in the bare cable. It felt light – feathery light, even. Unlike other ropes which have a tendency to slack, the Speed Rope 2.0’s cable straightens by itself. It also stayed tight all throughout the revolution, allowing myself to “shoot” through with ease.

And because it’s one of the lightest ropes out there, I didn’t have to flick as hard. I got to conserve energy and save my arms from unnecessary fatigue – which, you know, is pretty crucial when you have to do Rhiannon (max double-unders in 20 minutes.)


The rope’s speed and light weight present an early adjusting problem: It’s going to feel completely alien. The feeling was that I wasn’t holding a rope at all, and yet I completely knew where it was in its revolution. Ok, maybe that’s not so much a problem after all. But once I got the feel of its mechanics, the rhythm – which frustrates most of us – quickly followed.

My friend also pointed out how he could still keep the momentum going even after it hit his shoe. Crucial, especially when you’re trying to hit a PR.

As for setbacks, there really are none. Maybe nitpicking here and there. The RPM rope is fast because it’s basically an uncoated thin metal wire. So when you hit fast speeds, and come to an abrupt stop by way of your leg or your arm or your back, expect some battle scars to occur. Oh and again, because the wire is uncoated, it’s not advisable to use it on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Better stick to rubber surfaces for now.


Whiplash and durability issues aside, the RPM Speed Rope 2.0 is the best speed rope in the market, bar none. It’s a bit pricey at $48.95, but then again it’s a small price to pay for finally getting unbroken double-unders, don’t you think?

Disclaimer: This review was conducted without receiving any form of compensation, sponsorship, or invitation from the item’s manufacturer. Honest review is honest.