Team Reebok East Comes Out Victorious In The 2014 Crossfit Team Series


The (quasi) underdogs have emerged victorious. After three weeks of grueling workouts, Team Reebok East came up on top of favorites Rogue Fitness Black and Rogue Fitness Red, becoming the first ever CrossFit Team Series champions.

Team Reebok East, composed of athletes Scott Panchik, Ben Smith, Stacie Tovar, and Emily Bridgers, were able to overcome the Rogue teams stacked with CrossFit Games champions and podium finishers like Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Julie Foucher, and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

Throughout the competition, all three teams proved dominant, taking up the top three places from start to finish. However, it was Team Reebok East’s model of consistency and teamwork – rather than individual star power – that steered them to no lower than 2nd place in the three weekends of competition. Congratulations, Team Reebok East!

Here are the top five teams of the 2014 CrossFit Team Series:

  1. (4) Team Reebok East – $30,000
  2. (6) Rogue Fitness Red – $25,000
  3. (8) Rogue Fitness Black – $20,000
  4. (18) PRGNX DarkHorse – $17,000
  5. (19) CrossFit 417 – ProMO417 – $14,000