2014 CrossFit Invitational: Team USA Is Basically Rogue Fitness Black


From the looks of it, we’ve already been seeing Team USA perform the past few weeks as most of the members come from Rogue Fitness Black! Only difference being they switched out Team Europe’s Sam Briggs for Emily Bridgers.

Rich Froning

You already know this guy. Four-time CrossFit Games champion. Only thing he needs to prove left is how he can bring that winning tradition into team play. Out of the four team competitions he’s competed in, his team has only won once.

Currently, Rogue Fitness Black has performed below expectations and is trailing two other teams in the CrossFit Team Series. Miranda Oldroyd explains why Rogue Fitness Black might be struggling:

“When I see these athletes (Khalipa, Froning, Briggs and Foucher of Rogue Fitness Black) I think of athletes that win at the CrossFit Games because they’re slow and steady, they know how to pick a pace, stick with it, and just continue to move,” Oldroyd said on the Update Show. “When you see Rich Froning moving, he never looks like he’s going super fast. And I think slow and steady doesn’t win this race. On a team … you’ve got to go 100 percent all out for two to three minutes, then get out of the way.”

Can Froning and company change their style of play to win both the CrossFit Team Series and Inviational? Or will they stick to their strategy of going slow and steady?

Rich Froning, Central East
Rich Froning, Central East

Jason Khalipa

Khalipa is another athlete who’s had an illustrious CrossFit Games record. Finished first in his rookie year, finished top 3 the last two years, only one of three seven-time CrossFit Games competitors. Like Froning, only thing he has left to prove is his ability to win in team competition.


Julie Foucher

After taking a year off to focus on med school, Foucher came back to the CrossFit Games and placed 3rd overall. In the 4 years she’s competed in the Games, Foucher never finished outside of the top five. As for team competition, she was part of the 2012 Team USA that beat Team Europe 20-6.


Emily Bridgers

2014 has been Emily Bridgers’ year. After spending three years at the regional level, she finally won 1st place at the South East Regional, before finally placing 6th at the CrossFit Games. Bridgers also knows a thing or two about team competition, as she’s a member of second-ranked Team Reebok East (ahead of Rogue Fitness Black) in the CrossFit Team Series.


Becca Voigt: Coach

Mentoring this all-star crew will be seven-time CrossFit Games competitor, 2014 Spirit of the Games recipient, and 2012 Team USA member, Becca Voigt.


All Invitational teams have now been announced. Who’s your pick to win this year?

H/t: games.crossfit.com