How Well Do You Stack Against The Average Stats Of The Top Finishers At The 2014 Crossfit Games?


If you can do Fran in around 2 minutes, Helen in 7 minutes, and Grace in a minute and a half, then congratulations! Consider yourself an athlete capable of competing with the best at the CrossFit Games! Thanks to Reddit user MPHopeful13’s number-crunching, we get to find out the average vital stats and records of the top 9 men and top 9 women placers at the 2014 Games. Check them out below:

Men (Rich Froning to Ben Stoneberg)

Age: 27

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 190#

Fran: 2:13

Helen: 7:19

Grace: 1:30

Filthy 50: 17:05

Fight Gone Bad: 471

Sprint 400m: 1:00

Run 5k: 21:10

Clean and Jerk: 344#

Snatch: 282#

Deadlift: 519#

Back Squat: 466#

Max pull-ups: 64

Women (Camille Leblanc-Bazinet to Lauren Fisher)

Age: 26

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 139#

Fran: 2:23

Helen: 7:48

Grace: 1:36

Filthy 50: 19:06

Fight Gone Bad: 357

Sprint 400m: 1:10

Run 5k: 21:00

Clean and Jerk: 216#

Snatch: 170#

Deadlift: 326#

Back Squat: 282#

Max pull-ups: 53

How well did your numbers compare against the world’s fittest? As for me, one Reddit user summed it up perfectly: “Welp, all I need to do is compete as a woman and my average stats look pretty good… too bad I’m a dude.”