If You Haven’t Noticed, CrossFit Is Making You Better In Bed


It’s no coincidence that you’ve been experiencing PRs in your sex life ever since you started doing CrossFit. Here are the ways the Sport of Fitness is making you better in bed:

It boosts your confidence

Just look at the mirror and check out that sexy beast staring at you – Bam! – instant confidence. But scientifically speaking, regular exercise boosts the production of endorphins, which increases your happiness and self-esteem. It also helps improve blood circulation, which can immensely help prevent erectile dysfunction (saving you from a very embarrassing situation.)

It pumps up your sex drive

Weightlifting helps pump up (no pun intended) your testosterone levels, which in turn, helps fuel your sex drive. In a study conducted by Baylor University, participants exhibited higher testosterone levels 48 hours after lifting weights. So if you have a hot date this weekend, here’s to hoping you did some pretty nasty deadlifts and cleans a few days ago.

It helps you get more reps

According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, fat men last longer in bed than their thinner counter-parts. Findings show that men with higher BMIs last around 7.3 minutes, while slimmer men average only 1.8 minutes. Why? Obese men have higher levels of the female sex hormone, estradiol, which helps delay climax.

Does this mean you should quit CrossFit and order a pizza instead? Not necessarily. While healthier men may not have the biological advantage to last longer, they can make up for it through sheer cardio. That’s right, AMRAP your partner! Thanks to your newfound cardiovascular endurance, you can simply put in (again, no pun intended) as many reps as you can in the limited time you have! So while the other guy will be wheezing and catching his breath while giving out slow, weak-ass reps in 7.3 minutes, you’ll be beasting with a better performance, despite the time handicap.

It develops your assets.

One word: ASS. Everyone loves a tight Gluteus maximus, and who has the best booties in the world? The people who squat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I won’t cite a scientific study for you to know that, right? If your partner’s been grabbing your butt a lot lately, you can thank Mr. Back Squat and Mrs. Weighted Lunges in the morning.


It helps you hit that hard to reach place

There are plenty of reasons why we do mobility exercises. One is it helps you avoid injuries when trying out new positions. People who are not limber enough to perform daring, acrobatic positions run the risk of pulling a muscle – especially THAT muscle. Improving your mobility also helps you become more flexible (read: the ability to hit that hard to reach place *wink*)

It teaches you how to maximize your body’s abilities

Functional fitness helps us learn about our own body’s capacities and how to use them efficiently. Remember how our coaches always say that power comes from the legs? Our pre-CrossFit selves would have come into the bedroom with our hips doing all the work. Now we have those strong legs to assist with all those hip thrusts!

It removes the sexual sandbagger in you

One of the greatest things about CrossFit is the way it instills in its students a never-say-die attitude. That no matter the challenge, a Crossfitter always comes out on top – literally and metaphorically speaking. So whenever your partner is complaining about how poor your performance is, always remember: if you managed to smash Fran, you can definitely smash your partner.